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Memorial and commemoration events

The Exodus' journey of determination and heroism on the way from the DP camps in Europe to Eretz Israel back to Germany and back again to Eretz Israel Aliyah IV after November 29, 1947

The Exodus in the days of Moses. A great nation who uproots themselves from slavery (all the newborn son ...) and persecutions and return to stand on their own feet in the land of their ancestors is the Land of Israel. The Exodus from Egypt is mentioned by the Jewish people every year on Passover, for generations. The "Exodus 1947", the nation and especially the immigrants who are still alive and their families do remember every day and on the other hand once every few years at least elevate a commemorating event for public awareness.

Some of the events commemorating the Exodus' illegal immigration campaign that took place outside the Land of Israel are published here.

* 1958  - About 10 years after the Exodus' voyage, it was Leon Yuris who mentioned the illegal immigration and resurrection of the people of Israel in his country, in his book EXODUS. The book quickly became a bestseller internationally and was immediately translated into many languages. In 1960 the book was produced as a Hollywood movie that became very fast as well Is a blockbuster. On the other hand, the mention of the name of the illegal immigrant ship Exodus in the name of the book does not describe at all the real historical event they experienced In 1947 the immigrants from the illegal immigration ship "Exodus 1947". But in terms of advertising and marketing at an international level the book And the film best markets the illegal immigration, the heroism of the immigrants and their determination to establish the State of Israel.

* November 16, 1997 - The 50th anniversary of the event was held in New Jersey Woodbridge, NJ 07095, USA. A memorial flotilla was also held In the port of Baltimore from which President Warfield left for Europe.

March - May 2014 - German Youth Theater from Bremerhaven - Northern Germany - "The Last Treasure", directed by Yao Erwin Simsen, presents
The play "Exodus, the Fate of a Jewish Refugee Ship." The show was presented at the illegal immigrants' camp at the Ha'apalah Museum, in Atlit and in several Cities in northern Germany.

March 2015 -  A team from North German Television (NDR) in Israel who made a film about Exodus. The film interviews a number of illegal immigrants from the Exodus. The film premiered only on October 1, 2017

May 7, 2015 - SORRY, An event at the port of Haifa. A group of British  from the "Repairing the breach" organization came to apologize for the injustices their parents caused to the Jewish people during the British Mandate.

July 2016 - Portsmouth - Portsmouth, England. Encounter with British sailor Tom Dale - who served on the Destroyer Chuckers that attacked Exodus. The meeting was held as part of a campaign by six Israelis related to illegal immigration under the auspices of the British organization "Repairing the Breach". On that occasion Tom Dale handed Aryeh Itamar (who qualified as an 8-year-old on the Exodus), unique photographs he had taken of the Exodus with his camera as the Destroyer Chakers passed a few meters from the Exodus.

* September 8, 2016 - Tzipi Portnoy and Yitzhak Rozman set the memorial plaque to the exodus immigrants in the Emden DP camp, Germany.

July 6-9, 2017 - at Set Port in France. Unveiling from a renewed memorial plaque placed on the St. Louis wharf from which the illegal immigrants boarded the ship. At the event, 3 representatives from Israel were invited by the mayor of Set, to speak and meet with representatives of the city who 70 years ago supported and helped the representatives of the Mossad for Aliyah B and the Haganah.

May-June 2018 - Round following the Exodus immigrants in southern France and Germany and the awarding of the medal to mark the 70th anniversary of the Exodus 'journey to organizations and individuals active in preserving the Exodus' heritage in Europe.

October 10-15, 2018 - "Remember and transfer" the journey of the "Exodus" immigrants and their families to the ports of southern France, 71 years after the Exodus' voyage from there.

December 23-27, 2018 - The German MARCH OF LIFE movement arrived in Israel to perform in front of schools and their students in the musical "Exodus 1947."

April 24, 2019 - Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles, California - A tribute event for exodus immigrants The event was attended by 4 immigrants who were on the ship and live in California.

4-9 September 2019 - A tour of the families of the exodus' immigrants in the port of Hamburg, in the Popendorf, Sengwarden and Emden camps in Germany. During the tour, the unveiling ceremony of the memorial plaques for the "Exodus-1947" took place in the center of Sengwarden and at the nearby Admiral-Armin -Zimmermann Kaserne.

On September 22, 2021 - The archive team of Sengwarden in Germany, gathered near the memorial plaque in the center of the village, in memory of the days when the exodus immigrants came to Germany and later also came to Sengwarden DP lager.  There attended:
    Janna Hackmann, Brigitte Hackmann, Karl Theilen (Commemoration panel Coordinator), Anke Janssen, Marco Dierks.


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