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Donors to commemorate the Exodus 1947

Special thanks to Monica Levin

Monica Levin - Worthy Member of the Exodus Family

A few days before the Exodus commemorating ceremony Itzik Rosman and myself met at the Dan Carmel Hotel in Haifa with Mrs. Monica Levin who arrived Israel to participate in the ceremony of 70 years of the Exodus 1947 voyage to Erez Israel.


It was an exciting meeting in which we told Mrs. Levin about the activities of the steering committee of the events of 70 years for the voyage  of the Exodus.

Monica and her husband Norman, presented their activities in the United States and in Israel.


It was important for us to establish close contact with the couple in order to document and deliver to future generations the role of Monica's father - Louis S. "Shorty" Levin in the Exodus saga.


Monica's father owned the ship "President Warfield" and sold her to the Chinese-American Industrial Co. that was a straw company, as a cover for the Haganah's purchasing activity.

Later, the "President Warfield" became the "Exodus - 1947"


Despite the fact that the program of the ceremony was ready and closed, we saw a special need to open the program and add Monica Levin to the speakers.

Monica's speech was defined by all participants of the ceremony as amazing and exiting speech which touched all hearts.


We received from Monica a generous donation, with a promise to continue to donate routinely throughout the year. 


On behalf of the entire Exodus family we thank Monica and Norman very much for assisting us.


As the person who is in charge of the direct contact with Monica, I promised her to keep in touch and update her with our future planning and other events we will organize. 

Written by:
Dr. Zvi Hatkevitz

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